• Snippet optimization is the process where variations of a SERP a.k.a Search Engine Result Page gets tested against other variations of the same SERP to see which snippet performs the best in CTR.
  • A simple change to the page title and Meta description can increase your click through rate on your ad or SERP to ensure more traffic and effectually a better Google ranking.
snippet optimization - seo

Why CTR optimization is important?

“What makes snippet optimization part of the SEO arsenal is that not many SEO companies know how to leverage this approach.”

Our process involves tracking data in your Google Search Console to ensure that our A/B testing on the SERP is on track and above industry standards. We determine the expected click through rate of your SERP based on historical and current data provided by Google.

We then calculate the difference between average and actual CTR performance. This data will then reveal new insights about your website’s performance in Google including:

  • Over-performing snippets – you did something good here, what is it?
  • Under-performing snippets – something went terribly wrong here, let’s not repeat it.
Snippet Optimization (CTR)