• This is Why You Need Google AdWords for your Business

    In the last century, the tools for marketing your company have changed dramatically. Some of the older conventional advertising methods such as newspaper advertising still apply and still heeds results but wouldn’t it be great if you could place an advert, target your specific audience and track it’s exact results. Something that shows you exactly what you are getting for your money? Well now you can! It’s called AdWords. AdWords is the new advertising kid on the block that has everyone talking.


Definition of AdWords: “AdWords is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network.”

15 reasons why we would strongly recommend AdWords for your advertising campaign:

  • Being visible online is a must

    A large section of the population does market research online before purchasing a product. By not having your product visible online, you give your competitor the upper hand. People spend around 2/3rds of their day online making it the perfect platform to reach your ideal customer.

  • Making use of Keywords

    Using keywords is fundamentally important when it comes to marketing online because of search engines. Besides the fact that your company or product can be found easily by potential clients, you also have the ability to change out keywords in your AdWords Ad campaign when the need arises.

  • Reach your target audience

    Back in the day you were unable to say if you reached your audience when placing an ad with conventional advertising. But with AdWords the control is in your hands. They give you the opportunity to choose your demographic and geographic audience for your product/service.

  • Value for money

    Have a strict advertising budget? No problem, with AdWords you have the ability to set a budget for your ad ensuring that you do not overspend. By implementing conversion tracking you can track your ROI.

  • Get your Ad displayed everywhere

    Display your adverts on all relevant networks including shopping networks, search network, etc, pertaining to your product/service.

  • Various Ad Campaigns

    Broaden your advertising horizons by running not just one advert but multiple adverts displaying all the various products that you have available.

  • Organic ranking Assistance

    Having an AdWords ad campaign can assist your current website’s page ranking, meaning potential clients will be visiting your website more often.

  • Raise your customer and leads count

    The core of any business is having the best marketing strategy to attract leads because this turns into revenue for the company. This is the exact purpose of an AdWords ad campaign. With the help of AdWords you generate more clientele specific to your product/service. Read more about SEO vs Adwords.

  • A Marketing Platform that is Flexible

    AdWords is suitable for all types and sizes of businesses. You have complete control over the traffic produced by the internet. AdWords can be customized to suit your company needs. Targeting your exact clientele at a comfortable price for your pocket.

  • Definite Return on Investment

    What makes AdWords unique is that you can track the ROI. With other conventional advertising methods there is no sure way of tracking how many of your targeted audience have been reached. With AdWords, however, you can. You can also opt for pay per click, ensuring that each click you pay for is a potential client.

Speak to our Dedicated Google Accredited Adwords Team to make your business more visible.

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  • Fast results

    Google AdWords provides you with an easy-to-understand result report shortly after going live, which gives you the insight you require to ensure that your ad brings in clients.

  • Exhibit your ads in no time

    We used to have to wait a while for adverts to appear in the newspaper or on television. With most of the population being online 2/3rds of the day, why not display it within hours? With AdWords there is no more waiting for ads to appear.

  • Making use of High Traffic Source

    Using Google as a source of leads by way of AdWords is a sure way to attract the desired customer base for your company.

  • Timing is everything

    Run your advert during peak hours. Depending on your product/service, you can choose the best possible time during the day to display your advert.

  • Discard Irrelevant Keywords

    Being able to monitor precisely how each keyword is performing you can discard the ones that are irrelevant and replace them with ones that would perform better.