google-penalty-recovery-south-africaDid you know that with a few wrong clicks and some misguided web design, your money making website could be slapped with a penalty courtesy of Google? When you receive that unwelcome notification from Google informing you that your website has been penalised, it can be a mission to reclaim your sites pristine status that will allow it to continue making your presence known among your client base.

A manual Google penalty can affect anything on your site, from small areas to the entire site. What is certain is that when your website is penalised by Google, you can be guaranteed that the traffic to your website is going to drop dramatically. If you have been penalised by Google, you need help. Luckily, we are just the team to help you out!

The SEO Pros penalty assessment

To get the ball rolling, we need to conduct an in-depth analysis of your website to determine exactly where your website has been penalised and why. This will give us the information that we need to begin the process of reversing the damage that has been done and restore your website to its former position in a search.

The Penalty Audit will identify which algorithms have caused the penalty to be enforced. Once we have identified which algorithm criteria have been affected we spring into action, removing the issues and ensuring that the website adheres to the Google best practices once more.

The topics that we focus on when undertaking a Google penalty assessment include:

  • An analysis of all of the links built towards your website.
  • An analysis of your anchor text.
  • Checking which of your links can be removed (especially old links that are no longer relevant).
  • An on-page analysis of your website to check if there are any violations such as text hidden away or hidden links. We also check your other landing pages to ensure that they are fault free.
  • A content audit to check for duplications and/or poorly written content.
  • Creating a content strategy that you can successfully use to promote your company online.
  • Remove irrelevant/unnecessary content from the site as well as add new, refreshing content if need be.
  • Improve the existing content.
  • A full plagiarism check for each page of the website.
  • A Penguin check which will focus on whether or not the site is over optimised.

We have the experience and the know-how to help correct any issues with your website and to make sure that the site continues to perform just as it should. It is not easy to determine how long it will take to restore your site, but rest assured, we can assist you.

Many clients have had the unfortunate experience of working with SEO companies that have not been up to scratch, making avoidable mistakes that end up damaging the site’s SEO. Our team can correct the mistakes of past SEO companies and once we have made the right adjustments we can continue to look after your digital marketing by offering you one of our affordable SEO packages.

Don’t let your website be dragged down by poor SEO.  Contact SEO Pros today and reclaim your spot on a Google search.